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Home Cinema Design & Installation Nottingham, Surrey, London UK

Home Cinema Design & Installation


Every stage of the filmmaking process is optimised to deliver the experience the director intended — and your home cinema system should be, too.

Professionally-arranged audio and an understanding of room acoustics bring the right dynamics, balance, and excitement. We carefully consider every aspect to maximise impact and treat every job as though it were in our own home.

How It Works

Before design work begins, we take the time to gain a detailed understanding of the residential space we are working with. Accurate room dimensions, construction details, and acoustic measurements are gathered, thus allowing us to take an informed path through the design process.

Once installation is complete, proper optimisation of equipment and environment is key. We offer full ISF calibration of video equipment, as well as running through a detailed acoustic tuning process. We meticulously test every aspect to make sure your cinema installation is performing to its very best.

Home Cinema Nottingham Surrey London UK

To provide the highest quality home cinema solution, we take notable consideration of the following:


Noise floor

Interior design

Ambient light levels control


Audio visual equipment


Acoustic performance

Home Cinema Installation in Nottingham, Surrey London UK

Are you interested in a next-level home cinema experience?

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