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Smart Home Technology and Home Cinema Installation London Surrey UK Nottingham

How We Work


Each unique home technology project is intentionally-designed and managed

We manage each and every audio visual project with a small, dedicated team that favors close attention to detail.


Focusing on only a select few projects at a time allows a more intimate, customised service for each of our clients throughout the UK. We are able to remain directly involved in each unique project and plan, design, and install with a customised, intentional approach.

In partnering with Sonic Vision, your audio visual installation projects will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism — from start to finish, and beyond. Our technology-integration process involves an initial consultation and three primary phases: design, construction, and installation.

Home Cinema Installation in Nottingham, Surrey London UK. Smart Home Technology in Surrey, London, Nottingham, UK
Home Racing Simulator London, Surrey, UK

We work diligently to get to know our client's needs and goals in order to offer customised recommendations based on our audio visual expertise that exceed all expectations.


The first phase of any audio visual project is a free initial consultation.


We take the time to learn about problematic or outdated spaces within your home / work environment — and how our AV installation services can help, as well as reviewing images of similar installations to understand our clients design preferences.

Following the initial consultation, we can arrange for demonstrations, and provide documentation outlining specific suggestions within the initial scope of work and estimated pricing. This will also include a schedule of fees outlining costs for the detailed design of the installation as well as detailing the specific design process for your project.

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